Tunr.FM is a content delivery service for radio programmers.

Tunr.FM works - in fact, was modeled - after the terrestrial radio station experience - from the programming studio all the way through to the listener experience.

Tunr.FM works anywhere in the United States where you have wired, or wireless internet; on mobile devices and personal computers. Just navigate to Tunr.FM and click Turn it on! and locally available stations will appear in a list.

Tunr.FM also owns a network of non-commercial research and development call signs, collectively called the Queue Music Radio Network (QMRN) marketed as "Queue Music". "Queue Music" stations occupy the "Q" slot in most major US markets.  All other stations not branded as "Queue Music" are independently owned and operated and have no affiliation with "Queue Music".  Each station on Tunr.FM leases the technology that presents and protects the stations market along similar boundaries to terrestrial stations.

Tunr.FM and stations appearing here do not collect any information from users - not a single piece of identifiable information other than an approximation of the listeners position on the face of the planet.  Tunr.FM services uses cookies and requires JavaScript and NEVER requires a user to sign-up to use the service.

Broadcasters wishing to have their internet-only station appear on Tunr.FM as well as all other general inquires should be addressed to the contact information below.

General Information

12221 Cordova Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87112
Contact: (505) 399-9373