What is Podcasting?

"Podcasting" allows anyone to broadcast content and allows anyone to listen according to their own schedule. Podcasting is not usually "real-time" or even full-time. Podcasting is more akin to short-programs for general and wide-spread syndication. Podcasting requires software (Podcatchers) to receive syndicated content.

What is Webcasting?

Webcasting, is usually employed for real-time broadcasts; as such, streaming of the webcast requires significant hardware and expense regardless of revenues. Thus, Webcasting is inefficient at producing the listenership to be profitable. In addition, Webcasting is not location-based which further impedes revenue through the conventional avenues of local advertisers.

So, how is Tunr.FM different?

Tunr.FM is built on the fundamental premise that conventional monetization of radio programming over internet may only be realized when technology mirrors the conventionality of over-the-air broadcasting, transmission and reception. To accomplish this, Tunr.FM combines the best of features from both Podcasting and Webcasting.

Tunr.FM creates audio assets that can be processed by your web browser; thereby, eliminating the costly burden and limiting features of conventional streaming. In contrast to Podcasting, Tunr.FM uses the browsers native capabilities (no installed software) and, Tunr.FM does not require user subscription.

Like Webcasting, Tunr.FM is near 'real-time' and may only be received and heard while actively on-line; thus, creating localized "appointment listening" opportunities during critical morning and afternoon drive-times. Because Tunr.FM is location-based, broadcasting on Tunr.FM offers a reasonable degree of market-protection within individual metropolitan or micropolitan areas. Only 21 Tunr.FM channels, or "slots", are available, in each market.

If Tunr.FM sounds a lot like conventional radio broadcasting only without the transmitter and FCC licensing, then you've got the idea; Tunr.FM has been closely modeled to meet the conventionality of terrestrial broadcasting.